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Love The One You're With

Give yourself a big hug
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If you are overweight or out of shape toning up is beneficial if not necessary for your health. However, learning to love your body unconditionally is a significant step that is often overlooked. It is hard to take good care of something you don't appreciate; lack of care and gratitude is what allowed you to let yourself go in the first place. There are always exceptions to the rule. Yes, people that loath their looks can lose weight but attaining that goal is a torturous process that is hard to maintain long term. They beat themselves up physically and mentally and are only committed to liking themselves when they are close to accomplishing their weight loss goals. It's a lot like a verbally abusive man that constantly tells his wife how ugly and lazy she is but promises to respect and love her when she drops the pounds. He feels proud of himself because his harsh words motivate her and he will take the credit when she loses enough weight. However the woman, desperate for encouragement and support usually grows resentful and bitter towards her critique. If you are your own worst critique you will become bitter towards yourself and sabotage your efforts or try to hurt yourself in other ways.

Avoid that path by becoming your loudest and most enthusiastic cheerleader. It's hard to loss weight or to accomplish any goal in a negative environment. A connection to your inner self will help you to see your body in a new light. Instead of seeing what you don't have you will appreciate everything your body is capable of. In a journal write two positive things about yourself (your strengths, your talents, your accomplishments, compliments you've received) and one positive thing about your body (your looks, daily fitness, health) everyday. This will help you get ready to see yourself in a better light. If you feel like you need a push; consider positive options like working with a personal trainer or joining a sports team. Instead of punishing yourself for your mistakes, take time to reward yourself for your progress and adjusting your program when you face a failure. In the mean time how are you supposed to handle the reflection? I'm guessing you don't look like a supermodel, so what! There is no one responsible for deciding the perfect standard of beauty? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. So instead of waiting until for a six pack and buns of steel, learn to love yourself naked and become grateful for all the things that your body has accomplished.

How do you find your outer beauty? Complete this exercise I found on Adios written by Ophira Edut

Start with a full-length mirror. Many people play a love-hate game with mirrors, gazing at the parts we like, and avoiding the ones we don't. We never look at our bodies as they are. Instead, we pick ourselves apart like pet project, scrutinizing our thighs, our chest, our legs. And what we see in the mirror is often no reflection of what is really there.

Find some private time, even if it's just a few moments. Then take off your clothes, and look at yourself. Let the hateful thoughts run their course, then pass. It will clear space in your mind for positive ones to replace them. Don't turn away from your reflection -- try to clear your mind of judgment and keep looking.

Now look closely at those parts you struggle with most. Do they remind you of anyone? Perhaps those full hips once belonged to your great-great-grandmother. If not for them, you may not even be here—her size could have helped her to survive pregnancy and childbirth. Our bodies are living family albums. Pay homage to your ancestors by loving the body they gave you and the legacy it represents.

Who is that Girl

Think Inside Out

When you picture your body, do you think about your heart, your brain, or your kidneys? Probably not. More than likely, you think about your thighs, your hair, and your stomach. Thinking of the function of your body will help you take the focus on your looks and appreciate your health.

There is no shame in expressing your confidence. What do you love about your body? What's your favorite body part and why do you love it?

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